National Organisation of Residents Associations





These documents were produced by the previous government in order to provide policies for the Infrastructure Planning Commission. The IPC is to continue for a year or so and then it is to be absorbed into the Planning Inspectorate. The policies need parliamentary approval before they can be used, so they may be altered or even abandoned.

       1. Overarching National Policy Statement for energy (EN-1) (96 pages)

       2. Fossil Fuel Electricity Generating Structure (EN-2) (22 pages)

       3. Renewable Energy Generation (EN-3) (75 pages)

       4. Gas Supply Infrastructure (EN-4) (32 pages)

       5. Electricity Supply Infrastructure (EN-5)  (23 pages)

       6. Nuclear Power Generation (EN-6) (306 pages)

       7. Developing a Ports National Policy Statement (41 pages)



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