National Organisation of Residents Associations





The NORA Data Protection Policy is designed to protect the personal data held by NORA.

1. The required personal data of all NORA members comprise the name of the residents group, the names of its officers, at least one email address, one terrestrial address and one telephone number. It is preferable to have this data on each of the NORA member's officers - the chairman, secretary and treasurer if they exist. Permission to store the personal data is required from each member.

2. The NORA Data Protection Officer is the NORA treasurer, to whom all queries and requests must be addressed. The officer is responsible for the maintenance and security of the data, and that it is up-to-date.

3. Access to the data is restricted to the NORA chairman, NORA secretary and NORA treasurer, who maintain storage of the data. Data will only be given to another party with the permission of the member.

4. The data is required solely for communication with NORA members and is used for no other purpose.

5. The only data referring to NORA members published on the NORA website comprise the name of the NORA member group and the names of its officers subject to the permission of the relevant members. This also applies to the publication of NORA members' websites and newsletters.

6. Notification to the NORA Data Protection Officer of the resignation of a NORA member group, the retirement of an officer of a NORA member group and a request of a member for their data to be removed will place the onus on the NORA Officer to ensure the removal of all the relevant personal data from all databases held by NORA.