National Organisation of Residents Associations





If you have not already set up a residents' group please see NORA's advice on when and how to do it.

Membership of NORA is open to all groups representing residents. If you wish to find out more about NORA and consider joining NORA please email the NORA Secretary.

Once you have decided to join then please email the NORA Treasurer with all the data about your residents group and its officers (see below).

Since all contacts are made by email, it is essential to provide at least one email address. Ideally all the data listed below should be provided for the NORA database, which is held by the NORA chairman, secretary and treasurer. No data is made available to anyone else without the express permission of the residents group, so confidentiality is guaranteed. See the NORA Data Protection Policy.

Details requested comprise

  • title of residents group

  • is it a single group or a federation of groups?

  • roughly how many residents are members

  • names of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer

  • contact email addresses of officers

  • terrestrial addresses and telephone numbers of officers

  • title of your website

The subscription is £25 each calendar year. Renewal subscriptions for small single residents groups with less than 100 members are just £10. It ensures your group is on the NORA emailing list and invited to join teams to discuss problems whenever NORA is asked to present its opinions. A webpage is set up for your group, and space is available for a feature and newsletter on the NORA website.


NORA team at Sainsbury's HQ