National Organisation of Residents Associations





NORA was founded in 2003 by a group of town centre residents associations who were concerned about the local threat to their environment and needed advice on

  • Planning
  • Licensing
  • Traffic management
  • Car parking
  • Community safety ... and other such issues

Members come from all over England and Wales - see membership list - so that communication is through the internet. Members can request help from each other, which can be obtained by pooling our experience. Access to published data is via the NORA website and free to all, but only members receive an email service bringing them up-to-date information and advice on problems. New members are welcome from anywhere in the United Kingdom, and the more associations that join, the more influence we have.

We regularly respond to consultations by government departments and all members are invited to contribute to our responses. We are also consulted on government policy. See how substantial our achievements have been so far.

So please consider membership now for your Residents Association. Subscriptions are £25 for a calendar year, with renewal subscriptions of £10 for small single resident groups with less than 100 members. Once paid a webpage is set up for new members on the NORA website. Members are also added to the emailing list.


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