National Organisation of Residents Associations





The stimulus for setting up a new residents' group is usually a problem that affects many residents in an area. It can be a planning application, a licensing application, a traffic management proposal, houses in multiple occupation, problems from nearby premises, etc. So first you will need to arrange a meeting of those you think might be interested in tackling the relevant problem. The meeting can be advertised by delivering an invitation to likely members, advertising in the local press or just ringing up a few neighbours. Once it is clear that an association of some sort is wanted, it may be necessary to set up a small group to discuss the way forward. On the other hand it may be possible to elect a chairman, secretary and treasurer to go ahead straight away.

Once it is agreed, a title is needed to describe the organisation and a constitution drawn up. You will also need a Data Protection Policy. The Constitution and the Data Protection Policy of the National Organisation of Residents Associations can be used as guides for your new organisation.

The area to be included needs to be defined and membership accordingly restricted. The first year's subscription has to be agreed and a bank account organised. Not all banks will accept accounts for small organisations, but one or two of the main High Street banks will do so.

You will need to agree on the various jobs that may be relevant to your particular problems, such as a study of planning and licensing applications, and who is to be involved. You will need to decide what sort of meetings will be offered to members, and if and when a newsletter is required. What is certain each organisation is bound to be different.

Once you are set up and running, do consider joining the National Organisation of Residents Associations. You will be joining an organisation with members, who have much experience in the various problems that interfere with the quality of life enjoyed by town and city residents and who are willing to offer advice and information.